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LinkedIn Content Ideas for Your Personal Page That Your Network Will Actually Want to Read

Updated: Feb 5

I came across a grid of 20 content ideas for LinkedIn Personal pages and thought I would give them a try and write about it. Some were easy to write, and others were tough.

By now, most people are probably aware that consistent and "on-brand" content from a person or company gets rewarded on social platforms, LinkedIn included. There are so many types of content you can try, but what if you don't know what your audience/connections/followers are interested in hearing from you?

This list of LinkedIn content ideas is a great starting point. To show you how easy it is to come up with these for yourself, I add in links to my own posts as they go live (I did schedule them out using SocialBee so that I do not have to dedicate time each day to content creation), and I will come back in to write an analysis of the performance of each content piece.

To follow along with me on LinkedIn, here's a link to my profile.

Overall, I tried to include a few of the top best practices for LinkedIn content and really for content across all platforms. So, you will notice the following things below:

  • I use personal experiences.

  • I share some stories.

  • I have a combination of links and no links within my posts.

  • I alternate between short and long form content.

  • I tag other people when relevant.

  • I wrote long form blog posts for people to see more information if they are interested.

Up until this point, I have not consistently posted content to my LinkedIn personal page. My general philosophy is to prioritize client work and when clients have questions, I share the information directly with them, rather than publicly on my profile. I am curious of I can grow my audience by beginning to post regularly. I would also like to build more conversations and understand what my followers are interested in learning from me.

Here’s the list of LinkedIn Content Ideas

I also included links to each of my posts on my LinkedIn page to see for yourself what real life examples can look like.  

1: Discuss a recent industry news or research study and provide your perspective on its implications.

I selected a hot button item: layoffs and how they impact marketers and what you can do about it. I share notes for business and for marketers.

Scheduled for Tuesday, January 16th at 10am

See my post on LinkedIn here.

Content Analysis (for this post I keep up all past metrics so you can see the projection, but for the remaining posts I will updated the metrics each time this post is updated):

  • 1/16/24: The post has been up for 7 hours and

    • We are at nearly 600 impressions, but only 1 reaction.

    • My professional profile received 3 new views today.

    • There can be any number of reasons for lower engagement. Ultimately, it means that the people who were served this post did not find it valuable or interesting for them.

  • Up until this point, I have not been a consistent poster on LinkedIn so my audience is not established, nor do they have expectations of me yet.

  • 1/23/24: As of 7 days later, the post is at 1018 impressions, 2 reactions, and 7 click throughs. My page has also received 12 new profile views.

  • 2/5/24: 1243 impressions and 4 engagements.

2: Share an inspiring story or anecdote about a valuable lesson or principle in your field.

Here I also use a controversial idea for some but I think it is valuable so I took a risk that some people would be triggered by the post. The principle I chose is the customer is always right.

Scheduled for Thursday, January 18th.

See my post on LinkedIn here.

Content Analysis (updated each time this post is updated):

  • 652 impressions and 6 engagements.

3: Offer a step-by-step tutorial or guide that addresses audience pain points.

I talk about something that is not sexy but is wildly useful: social and site audits! It’s where I start for all my clients’ sites and my own so I take the opportunity to link the audit guide I built too: Transform Your Website Shortcut: The 5 Step Mastersheet | BOM (

Scheduled for Tuesday, January 23rd.

See my post on LinkedIn here.

Content Analysis (updated each time this post is updated):

  • 682 impressions and 5 engagements

4: Reflect on a book or article that impacted your professional growth and share key takeaways.

LinkedIn Content Idea: Great Book to Read

I chose Someday is Today by Matthew Dicks. I just finished reading this book and it was fantastic.

I could go on and on about how well written this book is, but here is the gist of it.

He writes clearly and simply and packs in interesting stories to convey his points. He speaks from experience and shares personal tips that work for him. He also shares the why, which I find helpful.

I've already started using a few of the techniques he suggests and so far they are all working. Head over to my post on LinkedIn to see what those tips are and why they work!

He (and this book) has also inspired me to start writing again. I truly can't say enough good things about it. The next book I just opened is another Matthew Dicks work called Storyworthy.

Scheduled for Thursday, January 25th.

See my post on LinkedIn here.

Content Analysis (updated each time this post is updated):

  • 412 impressions and 4 engagements

5: Challenge a specific norm in your field by sharing your POV about it.

I chose a controversial topic to try to inspire extra thought and engagement. Let's see if it works!

Scheduled for Monday, January 29th.

See my post on LinkedIn here.

Content Analysis:

  • 262 impressions and 5 engagements

6: Highlight a recent industry event or conference you attended and share takeaways or memorable moments.

The annual Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES), produced by the Consumer Technology Association, while not necessarily designed for marketers, contains many topics that directly impact or relate to marketing and/or life in general. It is probably one of the most valuable conferences if you are in an industry that uses, is impacted by, or directly engages with technology. So…that is pretty much everyone. 

I followed along remotely and tuned in when I could. So, I wrote a short post about a few of the most relevant takeaways that will impact that work I do with my clients.

Scheduled for Wednesday, January 31st.

See my post on LinkedIn here.

Content Analysis:

  • 182 impressions and 3 engagements

7: Discuss a mistake you made and how you learned from it. 

I used a personal experience that is also widely helpful for all marketers.  

Scheduled for Thursday, February 1st.

See my post on LinkedIn here.

Content Analysis:

  • 289 impressions and 2 engagements

8: Share a recent accomplishment to showcase your expertise and success.

I chose to write about a client project and create a mini case study around it.

Scheduled for Tuesday, February 6th.

See my post on LinkedIn here.

Content Analysis:

9: List the top three tools or resources that help you be more product or efficient. 

The most helpful posts I could think of for this provided the most basic materials that get me through my day.

Scheduled for Tuesday, February 13th.

See my post on LinkedIn here.

Content Analysis:

10: Interview an industry expert or influential figure and share valuable insights from the conversation.

Rather than interview specifically, I used this as an opportunity to compliment a recent partner and hype of their business.

Scheduled for Thursday, February 15th.

See my post on LinkedIn here.

Content Analysis:

11: Share a positive customer testimonial to build credibility and trust.

I pulled from my existing testimonials and then linked to where they live on my site: Clients | BOM (

Scheduled for Tuesday, February 20th.

See my post on LinkedIn here.

Content Analysis:

12: Offer career advice or tips for people starting out in your industry.

I will share some advice and a story to bring it to life.  

Scheduled for Thursday, March 1st.

See my post on LinkedIn here.

Content Analysis:

13: Share a BTS of your work process or a project you’re currently working on. 

One of the main functions of my job is assisting clients with capturing and communicating value on their websites. So, I chose to do a walkthrough of a landing page optimization project. This particular project is for a successful Pittsburgh photographer who does brilliant work but is not quite communicating her value well on her site. When this is live on March 6th, take a look at the video to see where her opportunities exist and how I updated a few specific pages for her.

This is not scheduled yet, but I will use it for my March 6th post.

See my post on LinkedIn here.

Content Analysis:

14: Share an infographic or data visualization related to an industry topic or trend.

I chose to share the infographic that gave me the idea for this post!

This is not scheduled yet, but I will use it for my March 7th post.

See my post on LinkedIn here.

Content Analysis:

15: Collaborate with other thought leaders and create a joint piece of content.

This one was the most fun to create. I worked with one of my clients and will let the post speak for itself! But there are a few points to note on how and why I chose this particular person.

Content creation is a substantial component of marketing. To be a good marketer, you need to be an organized and effective planner, comfortable with analytics, and a strong writer with the ability to craft a story through a variety of mediums. One of those primary mediums is visual assets. I have found that having a go-to Photographer and Videographer that you trust and work well with is key.

So, for this post, I chose a local Pittsburgh Photographer who is outstanding to work with and absolutely brilliant behind the lens. We created a piece of content that every business owner, marketer, and entrepreneur should watch. It is a behind the scenes look at what it takes to pull off an excellent brand/business/corporate photoshoot. There's a checklist that goes along with the video and you will be able to download it here once this post is live. Check back on March 9th!

This is not scheduled yet, but I will use it for my March 8th post.

See my post on LinkedIn here.

Content Analysis:

16: Debunk common misconceptions or myths in your industry. 

The Myth I chose is "Content Creation is Hard and Takes More Time Than We Have". This also gave me an opportunity to link to a great tool I created to help people overcome this feeling. Create12 Weeks of Content in 12 Minutes | BOM (

This is not scheduled yet, but I will use it for my March 12th post.

See my post on LinkedIn here.

Content Analysis:

17: Share a unique process or approach that sets you apart from others in your

I used my BOM Method because it is the propriety process, I created. All good marketing starts with a clear strategy that is built from detailed knowledge of your customer, what they value, and what their unique pain points are. If you work with me, you will hear me relentlessly repeat that all decisions need to be made from the perspective of the customer and our end goal. What do we want them to do? Why do we want them to do it? And what do they value you most from us that will convince them to do what we want (i.e. to spend their money with us)?

This is not an easy way to think, or everyone would do it. That being said, there is a simple process to use that produces good marketing with a clear strategy, plan, and the ability to track your progress. I call it the BOM Method because it works, and it directly supports your business. See my post for the outline of it (when it is live). But to know the details of how to apply the BOM Method, we'll have to work together.

This is not scheduled yet, but I will use it for my March 14th post.

See my post on LinkedIn here.

Content Analysis:

18: Show your appreciation to the people who influenced your journey and the lessons you learned from them.

I chose to talk about my favorite boss. He is well worth an entire post. When the post is live, you will see why.

This is not scheduled yet, but I will use it for my March 19th post.

See my post on LinkedIn here.

Content Analysis:

19: Host a live Q&A session on social media where you answer questions from your audience in real-time.

Admittedly, I skipped this one… I think it is a great idea! So, if you are considering using this list too, do not shy away from it just because I did. I opted instead for private sessions and workshops. But one day, I will give this a shot! 

20: Share your experience related to a common mistake within your industry and how you overcame it.

This seemed like a repeat of #7 so pop up to #7, scheduled for Feb 1, and check out one of the common mistakes marketers make that I also made early on in my career.

A few other LinkedIn post ideas I came up with that I could schedule out later include:

  • Getting overwhelmed with content creation.

  • Overcoming writers block (or general content creation block)

  • Tackling SEO successfully

  • Feeling comfortable with having and voicing a Point of View

  • Missed opportunities for conversions

  • Overcomplicating website creation and page updates

If this sparks any ideas for you or if you have any questions about this work, drop a comment below!

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