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Scale your business using brand strategy consulting to get efficient, consistent returns.

The Business of Marketing Method (BOM Method):

Customized Strategy + Tailored Cross-Channel Tactics = Measurable Results

Brand Management Consulting Professional

Brand Strategy Consulting Goals

The only goal that matters is creating a return for your investment. The more strategically aligned your content is, the more you will cut through the noise and attract more people. And that is how beautiful brand management consulting should work.

What We Do

We set a clear brand and marketing strategy for your business built based on who your target is, what they care about, and how we can best reach them. You get a brand strategy, a marketing strategy, and a customized cross-channel marketing plan. Then you get to choose whether you execute it internally or use our full brand management services.

Brand Strategy Consulting Session
Brand Management Consulting Works

How We Do It

With 10 years of brand management for international, national, and hyper local businesses, our BOM Method gives your business the marketing strategy and alignment it needs. By prioritizing your brand's message above all else, we make sure your target audience understands the value you bring. We apply that message across all relevant channels and marketing efforts.

What You Get

Customized strategy and plan tailored to your brand.

Proven processes that return results (better reach, engagement, and conversions).

Experienced brand management and a network of professionals to execute your marketing.

Confidence in your marketing and your efforts.

Brand Strategy Consulting

The Proof is in the Results Our Clients See

"My law firm and I were lucky enough to work with Jules Nunnenkamp in regard to brand strategy, along with website development.  At every stage of the game, Jules was responsive, insightful, and helpful.  Her guidance was excellent, and she was a true pleasure to work with.  Jules responded quickly to phone calls, emails and/or texts, and always had an insightful perspective.  She seemed to know what we needed before we knew what we needed.  Our website is now superior thanks to Jules, and our marketing outreach is so much more sophisticated.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Jules to any business looking to successfully market themselves.  Jules is the best!"

- Michele Cromer, Partner at GTN Law

Michele Cromer Brand Management Consulting Client
Peyton Kane Home Brand Management Consulting Client

"After working with her for four months or so, we have a brand strategy and road map forward that is clear and manageable. One of the greatest things we learned during the process is that we were doing too much, but not in the right ways. Now we are able to focus on specific objectives with clear timelines and measurable results. We have more meaningful results than ever before."

- Pauline Block, Owner of Peyton Kane Home 

"The effects Jules had came swiftly and not only were they positive but also surprising. The mission and belief statements Jules helped us to craft didn't just make our mission more understandable to an outsider: they crystallized & unified the goals of the foundation within the minds of our internal team. Suddenly, everyone understood the same fundamental truths about our organization, and were aligned in the same direction."

- Blair Kelly, Co-Founder & Former CTO of 1907 Foundation

Blair Kelly 1907 Brand Management Consulting Client

Are You Ready?

Work with experienced brand management consulting professionals who know how to use marketing to show real business results and who believe in the value you provide to your customers as passionately as you do.

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