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Hello, I'm Jules. The Founder of BOM and Creator of the BOM Method

Thank you for your interest in getting to know me! 

I am a strategic brand marketer with a passion for growing businesses through loyalty, data, and clearly communicated value. Marketing is more science than art and exists for the sole purpose of inspiring people to take action. 

Since beginning my marketing career in 2014, I’ve successfully combined my professional experience with an entrepreneurial spirit and a unique ability to identify and communicate value across a variety of brand, marketing, and business unit management roles (more details can be found in My Professional Experience, below). 

To date, I have worked on international, national, regional, and hyper-local brands. I have launched countless new products, line extensions, and new services. I’ve expanded brands into new markets and made strategic decisions to focus on and hone core competencies. I understand how consumers think, what they want from brands, where to reach them, and how to inspire them to take action. 


Since 2019 I’ve focused on expanding my reach to work with businesses in all corners of the country and developed the BOM Method. I built the Business of Marketing and The BOM Method with the sole purpose of providing access to proven marketing strategies and frameworks for success across the entire business. The BOM Method delivers the formula for success time and time again for my clients. 

Because people “do not buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it” (Simon Sinek’s simple yet profound statement that shifted our understanding of marketing), the basic principles of branding, marketing, content development, and building loyalty apply across industries. How they come to life for each business will differ. When you work with me, I produce carefully tailored recommendations based on your unique business. Your strategy will be laser-focused to give you the confidence and clarity to take action, rather than spinning your wheels, chasing an ever-changing algorithm, doubting the incredible ideas you have, missing out on reaching your audience, and all the other negative pitfalls we experience with a lack of strategic marketing. 

I will continue to refine The BOM Method as the marketing landscape shifts and new technologies and opportunities emerge. There are 2 beliefs I maintain that I will leave you with, 1) the consumer is always right, and 2) marketing work takes time and is never finished. To consider how I could add value for you and your business, check out the marketing starter packages I offer and then book a free strategy session with me. 

Let’s create value together.

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