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We believe you deserve marketing that works,
and we intend to help you build it.

Good marketing relies on strategy and process more than art and creativity to inspire people to take action - don't let any brand consultant tell you otherwise.

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Nice to meet you! I'm Your Lead Brand Marketing Consultant

The Business of Marketing is female founded and led. We specialize in strategic brand management for established businesses, new to the world brands, and individuals looking to become a brand themselves.


We get it. You want results. You deserve to see a return for your investment.

With over a decade of experience in marketing strategy we created The Business of Marketing Method (The BOM Method) using proven processes that grow brands. 

Since credentials matter here are our founder's: MBA, Growth Marketing Certified, 10+ years of brand management and marketing strategy experience for international, national, regional, and hyper local brands. Some you will recognize, like Champion or MillerCoors, and some you only know if you live close by, like The Wesson Group or The Wine Outlets.

What really matters is what your Brand Marketing Consultant does for you ->

Launch a new business

Expand your offering

Grow your existing business

Sell more to existing customers

Find new customers

Create results-focused and impactful content

Build or refresh a website

Boost your social media

Set up a communication strategy and plan

Measurable results

In the world of marketing, there's a lot of noise and a lot of competition. Breaking through is the challenge. But there are beliefs that set apart the leaders - and if you are reading this, you are definitely one of the leaders. 

Brand Consultant Making Clients Happy

The Consumer is Always Right

Your customer is the reason you make money. What they think, how they feel, the way they act, and who they are matters above all else. So, we build your strategy and every subsequent piece of marketing based on your unique target customer. And this is why the content works - because it is focused on the people who pay you.

Brand Marketing Consultant Content Work

Marketing is Powerful, Simple and Effective with Strategy + Consistency

When it comes to achieving your marketing goals, you need a partner who understands how to make it simple and how to make it work. We go out of our way to deliver a strategy that feels right and creates alignment across your entire business. We then build a cross-channel marketing plan based on your priorities to set you up for success.

Real Life Marketing Wins


How you expand reach with Influencers

Getting Champion on Chance, DJ Khaled, and the Kardashians through relationship-building and reciprocity.

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How to launch a new product and excite customers

Arnold Palmer is a golfing legend (who went to Wake Forest, btw!). Spiked seltzers were a skyrocketing trend...a perfect match!

How to scale a local business

Consumers like convenience and access. How we made neighborhood wine shops feel like the big players without losing the intimacy and connection of shopping local.

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How to increase engagement with Storytelling Marketing

The construction teams that build our nation's infrastructure and energy grids often go unnoticed. But there's so much more to be successful in those jobs.

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How to increase revenue by listening to customers

The cool factor matters and there are the exciting moments to capitalize on an existing trend. I was part of the 4-person team who launched the idea of Champion locations where customers could fully personalize their gear. 

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How to get double digit social grow organically 

Consistency in content creation makes all the difference and increased The Wesson Group's LinkedIn reach and engagement by 25% and 13% respectively in 4 months. Imagine what 12 can do...

Let's Build Your Brand

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