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Pauline Block, Owner

The Work: Brand Strategy, Marketing Strategy, & Marketing Plan

“Julianna was instrumental in helping our small business create the intentional, results-driven brand strategy and plan we now have to expand our reach, increase sales, and tell our story. 

When we hired Julianna, we hoped to further understand the areas in which our business was lacking and/or underperforming and areas where we could grow. As a small, family-owned business we weren’t sure where to even start with this work. We had so many questions but were bogged down with everyday tasks that we never seemed to get any momentum forward. When we started working together, it was like a light was switched on. Julianna was clear about tasks in which were spending too much time worrying about that didn’t have much return, and, guided by her incredible process, helped us highlight strategies we should be putting more effort into. 

Julianna is easy to approach, was flexible with our schedules, and encouraged us to think in ways we wouldn’t have known how to do it on our own. The work isn’t easy, but she makes it approachable and possible. 

After working with her for four months or so, we have a brand strategy and road map forward that is clear and manageable. One of the greatest things we learned during the process is that we were doing too much, but not in the right ways. Now we are able to focus on specific objectives with clear timelines and measurable results. We have less focus on, but with more meaningful results than ever before. 

On top of Julianna’s program being extremely effective for our business, the amount of work she puts in is more than any consultant I’ve worked with. She cares about her clients, and it shows in the collaborative efforts she creates. Julianna’s program is extremely economical, even for small businesses. My advice is to book her while you still can. She is so knowledgeable in all things marketing, but will also find you the answer if she doesn’t know it. 

If you work with Julianna, you won’t be disappointed. She’s strategic, yet personal. She’s creative, yet tactical. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to help us kick-start our marketing and brand planning. Thank you!!”


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