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Hear From a Few Clients

1907 Foundation
Industry: Health Science & Nonprofit

Blair Kelly, Chief Technology Officer

Marketing Client's CTO Blair Kelly

The Work: The BOM Method (Brand Strategy, Marketing Strategy, & Marketing Plan) Website Updates, Strategic Materials, & Content Marketing Materials Across Platforms.

1907 Foundation's goal was to utilize marketing to broaden its reach and distil its mission & values into one coherent message. Prior to Jules, every member of the team was passionate about the organization but unsure of how to articulate what we were doing to others. In other words, we had the conviction and the skills to perform our respective parts (finances, fundraising, technology, etc.), but marketing wasn't one of our strengths.

Jules is incredibly easy to talk to and has a way of putting people at ease, so they are comfortable talking to her about how they feel. And then she asks the right questions to find the answers she needs. She keeps team discussions organized. Not only did she deftly pilot her own initiatives in the company, but she jumped in and helped enthusiastically with things outside of, but in support of, her original scope.

The effects Jules had came swiftly and not only were they positive but also surprising. The mission and belief statements Jules helped us to craft didn't just make our mission more understandable to an outsider: they crystallized & unified the goals of the foundation within the minds of our internal team. Suddenly, everyone understood the same fundamental truths about our organization, and were aligned in the same direction. And the marketing materials she produced were of the highest quality: promotional decks worthy of being put before any audience.

I would hire Jules if I found myself in another organization looking for any of her offered services. I recommend her to any organization looking to take themselves to the next level. Thank you, Jules.”



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