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Marketing Consulting Services

Marketing Consulting Services That Prioritize Your Business Goals

Starting with Strategic Brand Consulting Services 

Marketing & Branding Consulting Services for

New Businesses

Online Shopping

Are you an ideas person? A creator? A visionary?

Do you have a great business idea that you haven’t quite figured out how to get off the ground yet? Or perhaps you’ve kicked off your work but are not seeing the sales you hoped for? 

We offer Marketing Consulting Services specifically tailored to new businesses and people looking to launch a new brand. We start with strategic brand consulting to bring you clarity and then we apply your customized strategy to all your marketing efforts to build your business flawlessly.


Let's take your idea and turn it into a money-maker!

Marketing & Branding Consulting Services for

Established Businesses

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If you've been in business of a few years or decades, you need marketing consulting services that are specifically tailored to your business goals, your customers, and the stage of your business. You should be confident you will see a return for your marketing investment

Whether you are looking to kick start marketing efforts for the first time, or grow your business with marketing, we begin with establishing your strategy and building your cross-channel marketing from there. You need a custom plan because your business is unique, and your target audience has specific expectations of you. 

Are you ready to see real results from your marketing?  

Marketing Consulting Services Breakdown

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This is your roadmap for all marketing efforts. It will give you a clear target, value proposition, and plan of action to put your strategy to work. 

Strategy Creation and


Build or refresh your website to increase discoverability and performance. Fine tune your structure, content, and technical aspects for growth.

Website and SEO Optimization


Insights drive decisions. You'll learn how to get measurable results AND how to collect, analyze, and interpret data from your marketing efforts.

Analytics Tracking and

people walking on pedestrian lane during

Let's increase the perceived value of your brand by building or expanding upon a loyal customer base that fuels profits. Become a preferred choice for people. 

Brand Management

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Content marketing includes everything from strategy to execution. Logo Design, Photography, Videography, Graphic Design, Channel Specific Content, etc. 

Content Marketing

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Ads can work - but they work if you know the strategy behind spending money. Successful ads need the right audience, message, timing, channel, and goals.

Advertising Strategy and Management

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Interconnected set of marketing tactics and channels that work together to deliver your primary messages to your people and generate results.

Marketing Ecosystem Plans

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We specialize in growing your audiences, engaging your consumers, and amplifying your positive impact with content that prioritizes your unique value.

Social Media, Email, and SMS Conversions

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Bringing your brand to life often includes working with others and putting on big activations. If that is what your audience enjoys, we will prioritize it!

Influencer, Partnerships, and Activations

Our Marketing Consulting Services Are Built Around the BOM Method

Marketing and all your content can create measurable results. You just need a clear strategy to know what is going to increase your ROI verses waste your time. Our marketing consulting services are designed to for product or service businesses looking for high-performing marketing. The BOM Method starts you off with the best brand consulting service on the market so that the rest of your marketing makes sense. 

The Results of Our Marketing Consulting Services

When you begin with strategic brand consulting services the results are limitless.

We Make Business People Happy


What are marketing consulting services?

The sole purpose is to enhance a brand's marketing efforts and deliver results. They should include strategy, plans, and metrics. A few key services included within the marketing consulting services umbrella are brand strategy, content marketing (websites/seo/email/sms/social media), activations, events, influencers, partnerships, and advertising. Ultimately, anyone providing these services should also provide measurable results and clarity on goals and expectations.

What are brand consulting services?

Brand consulting services are similar to marketing consulting services because all marketing supports a brand and should build directly from a brand strategy. There are many names people like to use to try to overcomplicate these ideas but the core, everything should build from your strategy and if you have a good brand consultant, you will have excellent brand marketing that gives you a return.

How does the BOM Method support my business?

Simply put, the BOM Method gives you a customized strategy tailored to your brand, with a clear tactical plan to help you achieve your business goals. If you commit to the process and the work you will see measurable results for your business!

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