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12 Ways to turn your passion into a business

This list is going to be quick and to the point!

I recommend printing this list and checking these items off over the next few weeks. Then set up some time with me to begin building your foundation (step 5).

1. Identify Your Offer

  • Is it a product or service?

  • Bring it to life and fully develop it with price points, features, processes, etc.

2. Credentials

  • If you need credentials to be taken seriously, dedicate your resources to getting those.

  • And while you’re at it, network with the people who are also getting those same credentials!

3. Competitive research

  • Look at what is going on in the industry you are looking to join.

  • What are other businesses doing?

  • What do customers expect?

  • Is there an opportunity or white space for you to offer something unique?

4. Guinea pigs/Test subjects/Beta Test

  • You need proof of concept and people who will give you honest feedback

  • Tap your network and start getting your product/service out there for people to use and give you feedback on

5. Set your prices

  • What is the most reasonable price point for you to start at given the market, your customers’ expectations, and your value?

  • If you want it to be higher, what can you do to add value to your offer and justify charging more?

6. Create your brand strategy

7. Create your marketing strategy & your marketing plan

8. Choose your name and reserve it everywhere

  • Buy your domain name

  • Reserve your social handles

  • Register your business with the state you’re in (this can be as an LLC, as a sole proprietorship, etc.)

  • Set up a business bank account

9. Build & Launch your website

  • This is your most valuable salesperson so it should be your FIRST CONTENT PIECES TO THE WORLD!

  • Your website is the only thing you truly own. You do not own your content on social so do not start with social.

  • This is where you tell your story and show WHY someone should buy from you.

  • Remember to include SEO work and a keyword list as part of this! Use my Quick Guide to SEO for Beginners to get you started.

10. Tap your network

11. Build your content and start following your plan

12. Track all your progress, your data, and analyze what works and what does not

  • You do not have to be a data expert to do this well - but all businesses rely on data so you better get comfortable with it :)

  • Here are a bunch of trackers to help you get started understanding what to track, when, how, and how to use the data you collect.


Thank you for reading this post and for choosing to learn a bit more about marketing! We need more good marketers out there and you're taking steps to be part of that elite group. If you have any questions or want to learn more, feel free to check out the rest of the free articles published on this site and shop through the self-guided materials created for you.

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