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How to get amazing testimonials and referrals


Referrals and reviews are the highest forms of support your customers can provide. They show a degree of loyalty that ends up actually helping you advertise your business at no benefit to them. You can, of course, provide incentives for referrals and reviews by providing them discounts or promos for either. But regardless of what you give a customer, if they choose to support you outwardly towards others, that is fantastic!

The benefits of referrals and reviews may be self-explanatory for you. We all know they provide us with additional business. But they also provide credibility, authority, and social proof.


Reviews provide more benefits than meets the eye. They provide a stamp of approval that is public with explanations for why.

They are proof. They act as referrals for a larger audience, which can convince other people to engage with you and become your customers. But they have a few more benefits than that!

  • They improve your SEO: Learn more about SEO here.

  • They allow you to collect feedback

  • They provide 1 location for extra info about your business

  • They make your business more visible.

By this point, I hope you agree reviews and referrals are important and are ready to talk about how to collect both.


Here are 2 quick lists of ways to request referrals and reviews from your friends, family, and existing or past clients.

Request Referrals

  • Give referrals to other businesses you work with and are close with.

  • Personalize your communication with clients so they feel special and know you are treating them as individuals. This builds a more intimate relationship and makes it more likely they will feel loyalty.

  • Get comfortable asking! The most common reason we do not receive referrals is that we do not ask. So don’t limit yourself by not trying and asking.

  • Include asks in all client/customer wrapups or thank yous.

  • Set up and then follow through on benefits for referrals.

  • Set up win-win situations.

    • Develop a loyalty program where customers receive something

    • Reciprocity with other businesses

    • Collaboration with other businesses who are natural partners within your value chain

  • Thank your referrers for their loyalty and their time, personally and beyond the incentive you give.

Request Reviews/Testimonials

  • Same as above: get comfortable asking! Some customers will think to leave reviews but do not expect that because they are busy with their own lives.

  • Components of the ask:

    • Be sure you’ve completed your business and all the appropriate thank yous with them before asking them to do something for you.

    • When asking, provide reasons to help customers understand why you’re asking.

    • Tell customers where they can leave reviews and provide easy links to those pages.

    • Provide the option of a template in case they are unsure of how to write a review.

    • Consider providing an incentive for the review, although this is not always necessary. Determine what is right for your business and your customers.

So how about that testimonial template?


There are a few components to a good testimonial that will almost certainly attract new customers. The best thing you can do for your customers when you ask them for a testimonial is to provide them with specific questions to answer to help guide them. Check out these 3 primary buckets with 1 optional bucket and the corresponding questions to ask within each.

Part 1: Establish the customer’s need with the following questions for them to answer:

  • When you came to work with me/buy my product/etc., what did you want beyond what you already had?

  • What were you hoping to achieve by working with me/buying from me/etc.?

Part 2: Establish the tension/pain point/conflict your customer experienced with these questions:

  • What was standing in your way?

  • What was at risk? What were the consequences of doing nothing?

OPTIONAL Part 3: Let the customer talk about the process or journey if they would like and if it is relevant by prompting them with these questions:

  • What were the easiest parts? The most helpful?

  • What did our interactions/work/relationship look like?

Part 4: Ask the customer to talk about the result or outcome with these prompts:

  • What was the outcome? How do you feel about it?

  • What did you gain?

  • What would you say to anybody considering working with me/buying my product/etc.?

And just like that you now have the understanding, the outreach strategy, and a template to gain amazing testimonials, helpful reviews, and more referrals for your business!

This is step 5 of the 6 steps of Free Marketing. Read about the rest of the steps here.


Thank you for reading this post and for choosing to learn a bit more about marketing! We need more good marketers out there and you're taking steps to be part of that elite group. If you have any questions or want to learn more, feel free to check out the rest of the free articles published on this site and shop through the self-guided materials created for you.

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