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Case Study: How to Grow Social Media Organically and Increase Engagement

Consistency in content creation makes all the difference and increases most metrics across most channels, but especially on LinkedIn! If you want to grow social media organically, there is a simple method that anyone can do.

How to grow social media organically, LinkedIn Edition

The Wesson Group's LinkedIn reach and engagement increased by 25% and 13% respectively in just 4 months of consistent, on-brand, external audience-focused content. Imagine what 12 months can do!

It is very important to note too that this account was NOT dormant. Many social media marketers will inflate their statistics by bringing back a dead or quiet account. That is the not the case for The Wesson Group. They were posting and engaging before our work started. We adjusted their strategy and tactics to realize these growth numbers.


How did we see this type of growth? What does "consistent, on-brand, external audience-focused content" actually mean? Is there a roadmap?

Organic Social Media Growth Starts with Strategic Consistency & Time

There are a few things you should always do on any platform:

  • Use all profile fields available to you

  • Know the audience and build content for them

  • Keep a consistent visual look, tone of voice, and general feel to your content (except in select situations!)

  • Respond to all comments, messages, and tags

  • Use relevant hashtags (this differs on every platform)

When it comes to the content building portion, always start with your brand strategy and your brand guidebook. You will be pleasantly surprised by how clear your direction and content needs become when you build from your foundational business pieces (that's why we build them!).

Once you have clarity on your foundations, start flighting out the content you need to create to support a consistent presence. Here are a few techniques we use:

  • Create long form content (a blog, eBook, report, program, robust landing page) and the repurpose that content into 10 or more posts. Download a guide for help with this.

  • Identify the main topics your audience cares about and wants to hear about from you. Create specific posts around each of these topics.

  • Commit to posting a minimum of 2x/week (this is for static posts on most platforms, however, Stories, X (formerly known as Twitter) and TikTok should get a higher frequency, i.e. around 2-3/day at a minimum).

  • Turn your topics and the specifics into a combination of text only, photo, carousel, and video-based content.

  • Then execute! Write the captions, take the photos, record the videos, and build the story around what your audience wants to hear.

  • Respond to every comment, message, retag, and share!

The Wesson Group's LinkedIn Growth Example

For The Wesson Group, the business objective was to show the company as a great place to work with an excellent culture. They wanted to show the story of how they put people first, prioritize excellence, and truly live and breathe their culture. Essentially, they wanted to build their authority as one of the top places to work within their industry. (<--- This business goal was built from their brand strategy, and we pulled their target audience from that strategy work as well.)

So, we created 3 primary areas to focus on: People's Stories, Safety Culture, and Substantive Expertise. We committed to a minimum of 2 posts/week but averaged 3. We used a few relevant hashtags consistently and we encouraged employees to engage with and share the content. Our photos and videos were pulled from brand shoots that were planned with specific shot lists for our initiatives. They now have a library of content with thousands of photos and a few hours of video content to pull from. We plan to do another round of shooting 6 months after that initial shoot.

Are you interested in seeing organic social media growth too?

Each business is different so the specifics of how your organic social media growth strategy and content come to life will be unique. If you are ready to see this kind of progress and would like to talk about your business, set up some time to chat.


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