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I cannot believe I am giving away this packet for only $5...I am probably leaving so much money on the table...but it just felt right, so here you go!


This guide contains a process that is a coveted marketing secret to make your efforts go further and to use your time more efficiently. Basically, it gives you more content AND your time back!


How is this possible, you might ask?


Every time you create an incredible, strong, piece of content, this packet will help you in a few ways:

  • It will make sure that strong piece of content is your core content in a long format that can live on your website.

  • It will give you marketing expert-level knowledge of how to repurpose that core piece into multiple pieces of content for multiple platforms and in multiple mediums

  • It will help you create weeks worth of content from your ONE core piece!

  • It will give you the workflow to set your content up for success


This is often a secret many content creators discover after years and it is life-changing. The only question you’ll have after using this is why the heck didn’t I start doing this sooner?!?!


Have you clicked download yet?

Create12 Weeks of Content in 12 Minutes

Excluding Sales Tax
  • This material was created by The Business of Marketing only. It is the intellectual property of BOM and Julianna Francesca LLC and is intended to provide guidance to the purchaser. The resale or distribution of this product is not permitted and will constitute theft of property and will be dealt with pursuant to the laws of Pennsylvania. Lastly, this material in no way guarantees any business outcome. The purchaser maintains full responsibility and liability for all aspects of their business. By downloading this tool, the purchaser agrees to these terms.

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