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Case Study: Law Firm Increases Website Traffic by 30% Within 3 Months

Project Overview

Company: GTN Law

Location: Pennsylvania

Industry: Law

Fast Facts About Increasing Website Traffic

  1. A website can be beautifully designed but not work. The definition of a working website is that it gives people what they want and need to be able to make a decision. It should also attract your target, speak to them personally, and be easy to use.

  2. GTN had a website that was 1 page with quite a lot of text. It was structured more like a word document because their goal was to get something up rather than nothing. This is not a bad idea, but it also meant there was ample opportunity!

  3. When creating a new website, if you prioritize the end audience at every step and remove personal opinions, you will create a site that works.

  4. You will also need all the supporting materials to play the search games of Google.

  5. We increased their website traffic by 30% within 3 months of launch by creating a website that appealed to the customer, was easy to use, and was visible online where clients were looking.

Hear What the Clients Had to Say

Nate Boring, Attorney

"Our law firm's goal was to develop our identity so that it could be properly utilized for marketing strategies. Our identity was not reflected in any outward-facing mediums or via any coordinated marketing. We also lacked the knowledge and staff to make use of the untapped resources that we already had access to (what we came to learn is called our brand assets!). The work would not have been pursued if it were not for Jules' persistent guidance and facilitation of group discussions centered around developing our brand strategy. Her ability to keep a group of independent thinkers on task and moving toward the overarching goal made the work easy and turned out to be exactly what we needed. She provided the perfect combination of direction and group input so that each individual was able to have a voice while also making sure that input was on point and directed toward accomplishing the goal of the group. The first outcome was a clear and agreed-upon brand strategy for our firm. We then hired Jules to apply that strategy to create a website that more appropriately conveys the identity of the firm and a strategic roadmap to utilize the contacts we already have in order to build business via direct marketing. When you work with Jules, she will keep you on track, make marketing concepts easy to understand for your business, and challenge you to think outside of the box. If you're willing to invest yourself in the process, you will quickly realize that she can help you reach your full potential and the goals you kept talking about."

Michele Cromer, Partner

The Business of Objective

The client asked for a few different things. They had not engaged in any intentional marketing to this point, so they were prioritizing end results. They asked for a website that worked and that they were proud of. They also acknowledged that they needed to better understand marketing and what it could do for them.

The Problem

Lawyers are very smart and highly educated people. They also tend to have a lot of opinions and love thorough discussions of even the most minute details. This creates fascinating conversations about all the strategic details we needed to define. However, it often means timelines are tough to hit.

This group new they had a lot of alignment to achieve but they were unsure of how to accomplish it. They also had no idea what marketing was available to them and how it could impact their business. They saw billboards in the area from competitors but were unsure if that was the best thing for their business and their target.

They wanted to look professional but be cost efficient.

Our Solutions

Like every project, we start with strategy. A good strategy creates alignment across all marketing channels. While they specifically asked for a website, that is the end result. We were able to create excellent results because we took the time to set the strategy first and get everyone aligned.

What we did:

  • Create a complete Brand Strategy (all 10 elements)

  • Applied the Brand Strategy to create a customized Marketing Strategy and Plan that supported the following:

    • Business Goal: Build loyalty from existing clients to increase each client's CLV and inspire their advocacy

  • Created clear messaging that prioritized the target audience

  • Built an entirely new website using the strategy work, priority messaging, and a custom platform designed for their industry

    • Domain:

      • Increased traffic to the site by 30% within the first 3 months

      • Increased conversions on the site by 14% within the first 3 months

Home page to increase website traffic
Increase website traffic with a strong homepage

Case Study Lessons You Can Steal

Here are a few steps you should always follow when building a website or refreshing your existing websites:

  1. Start by creating your brand strategy. Define your target audience first, then highlight key consumer insights that expose a primary tension-based pain point for them. Then build the rest of the 10 elements up from there.

  2. Once you know WHO you are trying to reach and WHY they would care about what you offer, outline your website needs to communicate that why to them.

  3. Pick a platform that is easy to use and has excellent customer service. I recommend starting with Wix or Shopify for most clients. However, if you are in a niche that is better served by a specialty site provider, consider using them.

  4. At every step of the way, consider how your target audience would view the page and the content on it.

  5. Prioritize user experience (UX) above design preferences.

  6. Make sure you set up all the accompanying third-party site tools to help your site be discoverable.

  7. If you are using Wix, they will prompt you for the SEO you need. If not, hire an SEO expert to help you navigate through it.

Ready to Build a Website that Works?

Each business is different, so each client gets a customized strategy and tactical execution with unique content. If you are ready to see this kind of progress and would like to talk about your business, set up some time to chat.


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