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Case Study: Website Refresh to Increase User Experience

Updated: Mar 12

Company Name: The Wesson Group

Timeline of Refresh: Sept to Dec 2023

This company is filled with incredible people, doing great work. They are passionate, dedicated, and love to collaborate with each other and with partners. They are a dream client, and this project is a piece of the work we are doing together.

Their goals are to increase their brand authority and presence to build a strong talent pipeline.

Prior to the website refresh, I took them through the full BOM Method, and we established a rock-solid Brand Strategy. From that work, we built clear external brand statements and created multiple videos that start to tell the story of this incredible company. Be sure to give each of the videos across their new site some attention.

Before The Website Refresh

This is intentionally a low-quality video. Use it to get a feel for where we started.

Key Opportunities Areas We Solved For (In Short-Hand)

  • User Experience: updating or changing everything to ensure the user has a seamless experience during which they are entertained, engaged, and informed.

    • Correct formatting issues

    • Convert organization and flow to a storytelling format

    • Use the headers as value focused opportunities to provide users with info

    • Increase opportunities to engage with content

    • Reduce walls of text

    • Fix mobile format

    • Update navigation and connection capabilities

    • Add in all legal pages (with attorney input)

    • Increase relevancy for target audience

    • Correct all 404 errors

  • Content: Increase relevancy of all types of content for specific target audiences.

    • Establish a clear brand strategy with specific values that are relevant to the audience

    • Reorganize header and footer

    • Adjust the balance of visuals and text

    • Update organization, verbiage, and images for all pages

    • Add videos to communicate the story more effectively

    • Include social proof

    • Add lead gen tactics

  • SEO: Bring in line with the brand's goals.

    • Update keywords to reflect new search formats and pecific initiatives

    • Clean up all meta data

    • Clean up the backlinks

    • Correct all 404 errors

  • Planning and Tracking

    • Establish a content updating plan for all pages

    • Establish a consistent content writing plan for the News section

    • Track key metrics of traffic AND conversion

The solution:

Feel free to ask any questions or share any comments on this page.

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