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Your pitch should be so strong and tight that you can apply it in a quick chat over any direct message. Whether you’re building your small business and need clients to get started, have an established business and are looking to add more clients, or are in sales and want to tap into the vast audience of social media to sell your product or service. This format works every time and is the perfect replacement for an awkward and nearly always unsuccessful cold call or cold email.


Download this document to get the outline for how to create the perfect messages to pitch and make sales using your DMs. This is valuable for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can reach out to new followers and people who’ve engaged with you to strike up a conversation and then convert them into purchasers and avid fans!


Some of the things included in this template:

  • How to open and start the message

  • How to ask the right questions to find out if you could solve their problem

  • How to share your solution as an option for them

  • How to close and convert them into your customer!


This download will have the exact process and outline that works time and time again (I’ve brought in many of my own clients using this method).

Sell By DM Playbook: Pitch and Convert Like a Master

Excluding Sales Tax
  • This material was created by The Business of Marketing only. It is the intellectual property of BOM and Julianna Francesca LLC and is intended to provide guidance to the purchaser. The resale or distribution of this product is not permitted and will constitute theft of property and will be dealt with pursuant to the laws of Pennsylvania. Lastly, this material in no way guarantees any business outcome. The purchaser maintains full responsibility and liability for all aspects of their business. By downloading this tool, the purchaser agrees to these terms.

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