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Master Your Marketing Spend Cheatsheet

Master Your Marketing Spend Cheatsheet


Let’s take all the anxiety, unknowns, and guesswork out of budgets with this download! Yes, it's in excel, because this will make your life so easy as you plan, track, and analyze your budget. I created a document that will do all the necessary budget calculations for you with just a few simple inputs from you. I also provided a full set up instructions and best practices to help you with your planning and anlaysis.


Budgets are an incredibly exciting part of marketing because they are meant to increase your business. They should be a fun exercise in how your money will bring you more sales. This template has multiple tabs with all the formatting, formulas, graphs, and guidance you could hope for in creating your business’s budget. With this document, you can successfully plan your budget for the year and then track every dollar you spend on marketing by month, by quarter, and by category. If you are reporting to someone who likes to see numbers like this and who requires organization in budget management, this is for you! If you are planning out your own business’s budget and need to do so efficiently, this is for you!


This document allows you to stay on top of what you are spending so you know where your money is going. You can use this to know exactly what you want to spend this year and where. Then it allows you to account for your spending so you know if you are on track.


There’s an added bonus section of instructions to help guide you through how to use this document and the beauty of it is you can make your budget as simple or as complex as your business requires!

  • Disclaimer & Use

    This material was created by Julianna Francesca Nunnenkamp for sale by The Business of Marketing only. It is the intellectual property of BOM and Julianna Francesca LLC and is intended to provide guidance to the purchaser. The resale or distribution of this product is not permitted and will constitute theft of property and will be dealt with pursuant to the laws of Virginia. Lastly, this material in no way guarantees any business outcome. The purchaser maintains full responsibility and liability for all aspects of their business. By downloading this tool, the purchaser agrees to these terms.