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People can build entire careers by creating and sustaining a blog. A blog brings traffic, shows authority, and provides tremendous value for readers. It is important to fully analyze your data so you know what content is working and what you can adjust. So, if you are going to put time, effort, content, or money behind any marketing, you should ALWAYS track its success. I cannot stress this enough! Without knowing how your marketing is performing, you cannot possibly know if you should continue doing it, if it is reaching your target audience, or if it is providing you any return on your investment (investments can be time, money, or headspace). This tracker is one of many I built to help you track the progress of the content you create. This particular tracker is for your emails.


What you get:

  • Formatted for ease of use

  • Organized by Month and by Day

  • All key Blog-specific metrics accounted for

  • Formulas that will calculate automatically

  • Summary Analysis

  • Terms and definitions

  • Instructions for use


Get started today by tracking your emails' performance by campaign, by email, and by time period. This template gives you all the tools and formulas to easily track your metrics, understand your data, and make smart decisions to improve your emails and your marketing. No fuss. No hassle. All the formatting and tricky excel formulas are completed for you. All you have to do is enter the data and read the summary.

Blog Metrics Tracker (Complete Template with Instructions)

Excluding Sales Tax
  • This material was created by Julianna Francesca Nunnenkamp for sale by The Business of Marketing only. It is the intellectual property of BOM and Julianna Francesca LLC and is intended to provide guidance to the purchaser. The resale or distribution of this product is not permitted and will constitute theft of property and will be dealt with pursuant to the laws of Virginia. Lastly, this material in no way guarantees any business outcome. The purchaser maintains full responsibility and liability for all aspects of their business. By downloading this tool, the purchaser agrees to these terms.

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