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Whether you are new to blogging entirely, starting a blog for your business, or need a refresher to be sure you are applying the best practices, this guide is your all-inclusive resource. It is 20-pages filled with best practices, SEO guides, unique templates, tools, checklists, and content creation ideas to help you build the most effective strategies and tactics for your blog.


After reading this guide you will not only be equipped to create impactful and audience-focused content, but you will also learn the best blogging practices to make each post that much easier. I’ve included multiple templates to help you plan the strategy for your blog as well as plan each individual post. I’ve also provided a bonus of 60 content ideas to get you started!


Lastly, if you are new to writing content, this guide also includes all of the content development tools and strategies you need to start writing amazing blog posts. You will find steps, definitions, rules, suggestions, and pro tips spread throughout.


Why should you have a blog?

A blog is an essential tool to every marketing strategy for a few reasons.

  • It is a free tool that you own and can use anytime you want because it lives on your website.

  • It is a chance to provide your audience with clear value.

  • It is a chance to establish yourself as a knowledgeable source of information in your area.

  • It is an easy way for your audience to engage with you and for you to plant leads in their heads that can convert into purchase decisions.


Why will this guide help you?

There are many aspects to blogging, some are obvious but others are not. I believe everyone should have access to all the tools to create and maintain a dynamite blog. So I have conducted thorough research, tested all the information on each of the pages, and determined that the content within this guide is the most succinct yet thorough tool to arm anyone with the necessary strategies and tools to create influential blog posts that add value for people. I can say over and over again how simple it is to do this. But rather than continue to preach and tell you, I wrote this guide to SHOW you just how easy it is. Reading through this guide will take about 20-30 minutes depending on your level of blogging knowledge. Applying the tools and templates will take longer, but this is normal! Setting up a well-thought-out strategy and a clear marketing plan should take time! This guide just gives you the step-by-step structure and a process to get you to excellent content quickly and smoothly.

Complete Blogging Guide

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