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Transform Your Website Shortcut: The 5 Step Mastersheet

Transform Your Website Shortcut: The 5 Step Mastersheet


This usually costs $1000 to do, but I took all my knowledge and created a $20 DIY Website Growth Guide. If you’ve been in business for a bit you likely know your way around your website, but maybe you haven’t taken the time yet to analyze it fully. Whether you’re all in on posting to your blog weekly or whether you are just getting started adding fresh content to your site or whether you have a website but have not done much with it in a while, you’ve got what it takes to succeed and this audit will help you ensure you’re on the right track!


The beauty of this particular audit is I designed it to be used for ANY type of website. So that means, you can download it once and use it every time you audit your site (by the way did you know you should be auditing your site twice a year?!). It’s timeless and gives you all the tips and questions you need to analyze your site’s performance.


When you get down to it, you want your website e to make you money. Whether it already is and you want to make more or whether you don’t think you’ve cracked the code yet, an audit is the best way to start. So what do you get for this awesome price of $20??


Here’s what’s included:

  • Best Practices

  • A guide to auditing

  • Checklists (pages of them!)

  • Strategy templates (that’s right, plural)

  • Analysis Guides (Performance, Audience, Publishing, Content, etc.)

  • SWOT Analysis


This audit contains all my years of marketing and branding experience with my intimate knowledge of building all types of websites for my clients. And because I believe everyone should have access to this information, I’m pricing it at only $20!


When I conduct a website audit for my clients, it typically costs them $1000. But you’re getting all of my knowledge and experience for 2% of that price…sounds unbelievable? I know. But I mean what I say about making this information accessible. So get your social media transformation started! And let me know if you have questions as you go!

  • Disclaimer & Use

    This material was created by Julianna Francesca Nunnenkamp for sale by The Business of Marketing only. It is the intellectual property of BOM and Julianna Francesca LLC and is intended to provide guidance to the purchaser. The resale or distribution of this product is not permitted and will constitute theft of property and will be dealt with pursuant to the laws of Virginia. Lastly, this material in no way guarantees any business outcome. The purchaser maintains full responsibility and liability for all aspects of their business. By downloading this tool, the purchaser agrees to these terms.

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